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With the right treatment you can look forward to a hopeful future where there are other ways to move forward.

Chronic conditions

Living with a chronic health issue can affect both your physical and mental health.

Our specialists take a fresh approach to your treatment and suggest new options to help you feel more like yourself again.

Comprehensive management of Chronic conditions include:

Long term approach to care
– Work towards improving quality of life and social connection
– A focus on the underlying cause not just the symptom
– Establish management plans and team care
– Stabilise your condition to help you take greater control of your progress


Ongoing and chronic pain can be complex to treat and is often debilitating, impacting your mental health and professional and social connections. Treatment often involves a multi-faceted approach to alleviating your symptoms.

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Addiction can take all forms and impacts all areas of the community. If you’re addicted to a substance or behaviour that’s having a negative impact on your health, relationships and life, specialists in addiction medicine can help you along your journey to recovery.

We can help you with the following areas:
– Alcohol use disorders
– Substance use disorders
– Benzodiazepine addiction

– Opioid Replacement Therapies

– Medico-legal reports
– Forensic medical reports

Mental Health

Your mental health plays a vital role in your overall health and wellness. So while managing emotions and life events can be a challenge at the best of times, it’s important to reach out for help when things get tough. After all, you’re only human.

Specialist psychiatrists will support your mental health with a personalised care plan that may include:
– Lifestyle changes
– Medication
– A novel therapy plan
– Allied Health provider

Allied health often plays an important and complementary role in your care. Highly experienced psychologists who will work closely with your specialist.


Finding it hard to enjoy a good night’s sleep? You’re not alone. Sleep issues and disorders affect approximately 40% of Australians. But while there is a range of reasons for poor sleep, there are also a variety of treatments.

Physicians will work with you to gain control over your sleep patterns through lifestyle changes, medications and novel therapies.

Novel Therapies

New healthcare options are developing every day with the advent of novel therapies.

So, if you’re living with a debilitating condition that hasn’t responded well to traditional medicines, or you’ve experienced adverse side effects, there are legitimate, Special Access Scheme alternatives available to you.

The doctors at Novel Health Co are highly experienced in delivering novel treatments as part of a broader treatment approach.

It’s all about providing broader options to give you more control, greater choice and a fresh start to your health and wellbeing


When medical issues lead to, what can often be drawn out discussions with insurers, employers and lawyers, an independent expert medical opinion can help pull together the pieces of the puzzle.

Experienced specialists provide:

  • Independent Medical Assessments for:
    • Workers Compensation
    • 3rd party insurance
    • Personal injury claims
  • Forensic medical reports for section 14, as well as reports for other criminal sentencing diversion requirements

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